A Social Music Experience?

How do you find music? Most people will probably just say music streaming: Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, and Amazon. But I have to say, most of my favorite artists are mostly recommended by friends. Just now, I heard this song by Ray LaMontagne and I shared it with my friend right away. I have an Evernote list filled with recommended artists from friends and family that I still have to go through.

My point is that music is becoming such a social experience, particularly with social media. For example, there are musicians that solely use social media as their outlet – SoundCloud. Additionally, I love it when people share their music/concerts on Facebook, well, partly because I get to judge them. There are just an abandon of information on social media now that are related to music. Just think about it, how many tweets were related to Adele’s Grammy Performance this past week.

I thought it might be interesting to gather some information on how are people talking about music on social web. I wanted to start with Twitter, because tweets are 1) brief and 2) real-time. As a first step, I need to find the hashtags that will help me to identify the appropriate tweets. I went through a couple different websites, such as hashtagify.me, hashtags.org, keyhole.co, ritetag.com, and quora.com. Using #Music as the search word, these are some of the most frequently mentioned hashtags (I only included terms that have been mentioned on two different websites):

1. #rock

2. #radio

3. #pop

4. #np

5. #nowplaying

What other hashtags do you think I should look into? I developed a short python program to help me keep track of the hashtags, and you can find it here. Let me know if you have any thoughts!

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