Hello there,

Since you asked, my name is Jason, and I made my contributions to the world in the following ways:


1) aspiring film and TV composer/music aficionado  – I hope you will enjoy some of the music I have posted here.

From Bach’s counterpoint to Philip Glass’s metamorphosis, I listen to them all.

2) public health researcher – I have done some work in HIV/AIDS prevention with high-risk populations here and there.

3) movie watcher – talk to me about Bladerunner or Chinatown. My new obsession, Snowpiercer.

4) Netflix binge-watcher – I just finished the Mysteries of Laura. um. LOVE.

5) exotic food cooker – you should try my BBQ turkey, kimichi, avocado tacos. They are absolutely delightful.

6) book reader – I am reading Muscirophilia now, any suggestions?

7) city hopper – in the past 15 years, I have lived in Taipei, LA, Iowa City, South Bend, Vienna, Pittsburgh, and Bangkok. Now, I am back to LA.

This kind of sums me up…

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