My favorite sites/blogs:

– Andy is a good friend of my, and he does gorgeous landscapes (for sale too!). So check out his blog!

– A friend recommended this blog to me, and I was blown away by Mimi’s approach to food and photography right away.

– AGENT OF SHIELDSSSSSS!!!!! Film/TV/game composer Bear McCreary’s site

–¬†When you have questions about any audio technologies, this is a good place to go



My publications:

– My story about my first HIV/STI testing on

– My opinion about how HIV/AIDS prevention needs to focus on the “people” instead of “sexual beings on the

– How online communities can be used for HIV prevention on UCLA Center for Behavioral and Addiction Medicine (CBAM)

– I am sure you have heard of the term “big data” by now but do you know how we can use big data to prevent HIV? on UCLA Center for Behavioral and Addiction Medicine (CBAM)

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